We promotes dialogue to building peace in conflict areas which enhance understanding and cooperation

Our Mission

The mission of the Forum is to mobilize adherents of all religious faiths in Nigeria towards creating opportunities for building trust, confidence, and cooperation through dialogue.

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Nigeria has a total of 143,110 IDP camps out of which 84% are located in Borno state. Nigeria has the third highest number of IDPs in Africa as at 2020, Democratic Republic of Congo comes first and Somalia comes second. In line with IDPF's vision to ensure religious tolerance, mutual coexistence despite cultural differences, freedom of religion, hate-speech prohibition and build peace in conflict areas through dialogue and projects, we are on a mission to establish IDP Schools at all 143,110 IDP camps in Nigeria and presently we have one IDP government approved school successfully functional with paid qualified teachers and management staff at one of the IDP camps located at Malasia Garden, Apo Resettlement, Abuja, Nigeria (see our website for more information). With your support, we can establish more IDP schools at more IDP camps thereby ensuring that quality education and peaceful co-existence will not cease.


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