Oba League of Intellectuals Foundation

To empower the Mind for Exploits

Our Mission

Our Vision: To empower the mind for exploits, thereby maximizing our latent abilities and heritage. OUR MISSION 1) To mentor the youths and younger generation professionally and in other positive dimensions, thereby securing the future. 2) To instill an innovative and creative mind that will propagate entrepreneurial drive, resulting in change of status for everyone, thereby banishing ordinariness. 3) To nurture an atmosphere for moral rehabilitation, ethical values and culture of love among its members and the community as a whole. 4) To re-orient our community towards education as one of the panacea towards civic developments. 5) To foster a platform that will enable its members and the community assume responsibilities for their lives thereby establishing nobility. 6) To integrate unity, quality friendship and togetherness among its members and our community thereby establishing relevance and positive influence in our life time.

Why support us

1) To enable us continue the humanitarian work and various empowerment projects we are doing in this part of the world (our region and metropolis) in order to help men and women, youths and children regain adequate sustenance. 2) To empower us to assist and help the less privilege, needy ones and care for the vulnerable within our society. 3) We are advancing education and intellectualism to the rural and semi-urban areas of our metropolis. we are also equipping libraries with various educating materials that will enable their enlightenment and mental transformation. Most times we organize contest including talents and intellectual contest with monetary rewards for the youths in order to stir them up on the path way of education. We are also fostering the girl child education with every capacity at our disposal. Your support will enable us continue these great charity work we have dedicated ourselves to fulfil. 4) We carry out various health promotion activities as well as medical outreaches and welfare aids, offer bursary support, scholarships to the indigents. Without relevant supports we might not be able to fulfil our vision and mission mandate. 5) One of our mandate is to increase the income opportunities of various families, homes an the youths. Therefore we developed various skill acquisition programs with empowerments after the training to improve the livelihood and economy of these precious people. Your support will enable us to keep impacting these communities an dour society as a whole for the betterment of the lives of people and our world.


Community Library, Civic Centre, Headquarters, Oba, Anambra State, Nigeria



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