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Our Mission

African Bumbano is a women led organisation. The aim of ABO is to build a proudly South African Organization for girls, women and youth to unite for them to find and discover anything good for themselves, to be independent and rely on themselves for success through shared resources, skills, knowledge and active economic participation. This we will do using a language they can understand. Our goal is to see change in our society, to see people off the streets and keeping themselves busy at all times.  To educate the community on how to open their business.  To offer more literacy and education in the township.  To make a difference, to make people understand how unique and different they are. To inspire our people to be more than what they thought they could not be. To have fun, joy in their lives and journey and learn from their mistakes to become better. To live with integrity and empathy and be a positive force in the lives of others. To develop the next generation to provide a better life. To constantly be striving to the best version of themselves. To build a proudly African organization, to unite Africans to find and discover anything good for themselves, their countries, through shared resources, skills, knowledge.

Why support us

The vision of Bumbano is to bring together as many girls, women ,boy child, underprivileged groups for the purpose of improving their social and cultural lifestyle through activities that encourage active participation in the mainstream economy.  The African Bumbano organization shall be a Social organization whose core values shall be: Integrity, honesty, equality, humility, liberty, obedient leadership, transparency and accountability.


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