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A platform created for people with disability, sharing the most inspiring information to help them.

Our Mission

The project is divided into two parts, the main project Platform Forum and the sub-project Missing Moon Self-Media, which synergistically complement each other, share the same managers and sharing information, and are built to become a service system that provides information to disabled and disability-related groups. Let the voices of individuals, organizations, institutions, and society are heard by each other.

Why support us

In recent years, with the steady advancement of socialist construction in China, the education and employment of persons with disabilities have been greatly developed. Data released by the China Disabled Persons' Federation's Statistical Bulletin on the Development of Disabled Persons' Business in China shows that in 2019, there were 103 special education general high school classes (departments) with 8,676 students, including 6,083 deaf students, 1,629 blind students and 964 others. There were 145 secondary vocational schools (classes) for the disabled, with 17,319 students enrolled and 4,337 graduates, of whom 1,705 received vocational qualifications. Nationwide, 12,362 persons with disabilities have been admitted to general institutions of higher education, and 2,053 have entered higher special education colleges; 36,000 illiterate young adults with disabilities have received literacy education.





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