DAKTARI Wildlife Orphanage SA (NPC)

Saving our environment through education

Our Mission

To educate and inspire the local children to value their environment and stimulate community development

Why support us

DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage works in the South African bush to educate local children about the environment and ignite their passion for wildlife. The wildlife orphanage is home to more than 40 animals that are unable to survive in the wild. They live out their lives at DAKTARI, acting as animal ambassadors to teach the local children who usually do not have the opportunity to see wildlife. We host weekly Eco Clubs and wildlife crime campaigns at the local schools to reinforce the education the students receive at DAKTARI. → You or your children may want to see African animals in the wild. Without education of local children and communities, safaris may not be possible at some point due to their extinction. → How can we accuse the local communities of not taking care of wildlife if they do not see it, do not learn about it and moreover do not benefit from it?


Bona Ingwe Farm - Harmony 81



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