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Our Mission

In alignment with the universal values of respect, equity and justice, and H4BF’s commitment to people and the concept of human rights, the mission of the Gender Equity Commission is to contribute to achieving equality of opportunities for health and human development for the women and men with which we work and serve. Our mission requires the utilization of a gender perspective. From this perspective we proactively identify areas and opportunities for improvement, and implement projects accordingly, thereby allowing individuals to fully achieve their potential, without the interference of gender-based bias, inequity or injustice. While working towards equity, we embrace differences between women and men and focus on optimizing the potential of all human beings, men and women alike. We are committed to achieving equity through the activities we implement, the systems we set up, the organizational policies we adhere to, and the organizational culture we foster. We recognize that to achieve equity, changes are needed, and acknowledge the fact that true change starts from within each person. In our own organization and in the communities, we serve, we share our commitment and work towards gender equity in respectful and clear ways, while respecting individuals’ rights to be uniquely different and to make his/her own decisions.

Why support us

H4BF People join us because they want to make a difference, and we continue to make a difference together. We travel where the need is greatest, to Cameroon's poorest communities. We aim to guarantee that women and girls have control over their lives, that they are seen as leaders, that they have access to the resources they need to flourish, and that they live in safe communities where their rights are recognized.


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