To create access to transformational socio￾economic development and empowerment of women and girls

Our Mission

To Serve And Empower Women And Girls As ‘Agents Of Change’ For Sustained Socio￾Economic Development By Investing In Education And Entrepreneurship So That They Are Empowered To Lead Their Communities Into Prosperity.

Why support us

PROMOTING INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Our programs and projects are led by a framework and tools for measuring the impact of women’s economic empowerment across all of our work. We provide innovative solutions for addressing the barriers to women’s economic empowerment. We also engage with men and boys to challenge negative gender norms that see men as the sole breadwinner and natural decision-maker, and address women’s time poverty by men and boys taking an active role in unpaid care and domestic work. MULTIPLYING IMPACT We work with women in communities, factories, businesses and many other contexts and settings to support them to claim their rights. We play a leadership role in through our engagement with women’s Associations, to demonstrate scalable solutions, advocate for change and influence social norms and practices at local and national level. HOW WE DO IT In line with WEADA’s approach, and based on where we believe we have the strongest comparative advantage, and the resources, capacity and opportunities globally, we have identified 4 key areas of intervention for the economic empowerment of women: Financial inclusion: WEADA is an innovator within savings-led financial inclusion. Our flagship work around Organizing women and girls into self-help groups (SHGs), through which the women engage in various socio-economic activities and educating them on the importance of collective saving and mutual support. It is a powerful foundation for the rest of our women’s economic empowerment efforts. We will expand our reach and impact through continued creation of innovative products, services and models for outreach that can be scaled up Women and value chains: We aim to significantly grow our value chain portfolio in selected priority economic sectors through: scaling up our existing work; working in larger value chains and starting new initiatives where WEADA currently doesn’t work on value chains. It is our goal to increase the number, size and scope of our strategic partnerships with companies working on inclusive value chains. Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training: Some of the key constraints to female entrepreneurship include lack of skills and knowledge, limited control over economic resources and earnings, lower productivity in sectors that women typically engage in, and lack of access to credit and financial services. WEADA supports women’s ability to build financially (and environmentally) sustainable, profitable and growing enterprises, with the potential to enter the formal economy, by targeting the specific vulnerabilities women face. Basic Literacy: One of the ways in which WEADA aims to improve global literacy statistics is by focusing on the importance of education, particularly in communities where opportunities to develop literacy skills are less available to Women and girls. WEADA is addressing this challenge by offering literacy classes to women, men and Girls who have never being to school and have difficulties in reading and writing. Classes focus on developing functional abilities so they can communicate with their new friends and neighbors. After completing the program, the students participate in a speech tournament to hone their newly developed skills. WEADA, runs an adult literacy program that prepares learners for practical life skills such as opening a bank account, writing and posting a letter, managing finances, and developing a small business.


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