African Centre for Community and Development

Empoweing the vulnerable, fighting food insecurity, promoting arts and culture, promoting education

Our Mission

African Centre for Community and Development seeks to better development management by collecting and analyzing data useful in the design and implementation of projects and programmes for development, Foreign Direct Investments, processes and holistic approaches to sustainable development in Cameroon, Africa and the world. They offer strategic advice for civil society organizations, women and youth groups, business and interventions aimed at curbing poverty, sustaining the environment, sustainable livelihoods, fighting climate change, diseases, introducing Green Technologies in developing countries, empowerment of women, promoting Good Governance and democracy, human rights and human equality, empowering small and medium size organizations and general capacities in Cameroon, Africa and the world. The organization also engages in communication for development and helps in facilitating the embedding of ICTs in the region.The organization engages in agriculture including agroecology and poultry farming and is interested to collaborate with investors willing to venture into these fields.

Why support us

To help us fight poverty, empower women and youths with skills for survival, fight poverty, improve on food security, protect the environment and fight climate change, promote arts and intercultural dialogue


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