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We exist to foster community independence and self reliance for sustainable development.

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Pamudzi Pathu Initiative is a duly registered youth led non-governmental organization that seeks to create socioeconomically advanced communities that challenge injustices and inequalities which perpetuate poverty among vulnerable groups. This is achieved through working with community cadres and groups to build their capacities so that they are part of the solutions being championed. Pamudzi pathu initiative is grassroots organization based in Machinga the organization is the youth centred organization and currently working with sexual reproductive health and rights, the organization works with different kind of people and in fighting poverty. There is an alarming number of suicide cases in Malawi that needs and urgent action. A lot of cases have been reported for example, A 16-year-old girl in Machinga has committed suicide after her boyfriend, allegedly denied responsibility of her two months pregnancy, in the same district a woman committed suicide by hanging herself from the roof of her house after her husband told her to leave their matrimonial home. (Source zodiac news online) the number of cases are increasing every day because of depression and mental disorder and lack of awareness. They are also unreported number of deaths in Malawi, and they are increasing each passing day as the cost of living is also increasing and effects of covid 19 that made a lot of people unemployed. The people that commit suicide leave families behind who depend on them, the children become orphans and have no one to support them, a depressed person cannot contribute to the economy and every life matters. Pamudzi pathu initiative wants to be part of the solution in providing mental health services to the communities in Machinga since it has been noted that there is limited knowledge on how to tackle mental health problems. This workshop aims to establish an understanding of how mental well-being affects poverty, health and peace on individual, community, and societal levels. Machinga has high rate of illiteracy and as well as high number of school dropout which results in the districts having more illiterate citizens who are prone to mental health issues. The initiative would like to train stakeholders in mental health awareness and set up radio program with community radio on mental health awareness campaign running for period of one year, we believe to create productive citizen because a mental stable citizen is part of creating stable country. Mental health affects everyone and every aspect of life including children and adolescent youth. issues of mental health are also linked to gender-based violence so in this case the initiative will focus on mental health and gender-based violence. People who are experiencing abuse are mostly mentally disturbed and they lose sense of belonging. The mental health awareness will focus more on referral pathways for those going through mental health. The initiative would like to revamp the district one stop center where clients meet all the needed personnel at one place. The one stop centre comprises police officer, social worker, clinician and mental health counsellor. Proposal Pamudzi Pathu would like to train key stuff stakeholders in mental health. Our target would be teachers to teach children on mental health, police officials, chiefs and medical personnel, the stakeholders trained will pass knowledge to other people in the community we are targeting to train 30 key stakeholders as well as recruiting young people as mental health champions to participate in mental health awareness campaigns well as focus group discussions to help culturally adapt content of mental health literacy intervention. Online WhatsApp focus groups will be created, and the contact numbers will be broad casted on community radio so that victims of mental health will be joining, issues and experiences of mental health will be discussed.


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