Plant 20,000 Trees In Northern Rwanda

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Our mission is to improve health inequalities by addressing social determinants. RWAYDAVO is dedicated to improve the life standards of underprivileged, unrepresented and underestimated community for development.

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Rwandan Youth Development and voluntary organization (RWAYDAVO) is a local non-governmental, non-profit, community-based organization whose main goals are health empowerment and promoting sustainable development through public health service delivery and community social developmental activities.  These goals are achieved through projects focusing on improving the health and the standard of living in underprivileged urban and rural communities, primarily in Rwanda. It is an organization founded in 2013 by multi-disciplinary team members including health and non-health professionals. The organization was started in January 2013 by a group of 10 volunteers under the funds of local government which was strengthened by the funds of Global giving and other international partners in 2013. Currently, in our organization, we have 50 members of different backgrounds involved actively in planning, implementation, resource mobilization, fundraising, marketing, monitoring, and evaluation of the organization's projects and program activities. RWAYDAVO is dedicated to improving the living standards of underprivileged, unrepresented, and underestimated communities for development. Rwandan Youth Development and Voluntary organization manage its activities through 6 programs: ​1. PROMOTION OF EDUCATION PROGRAM - FIGHT AGAINST ILLITERACY. - SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY PROMOTION. 2. ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM - WATER AND SANITATION. - HYGIENE AND SANITATION. - RURAL AND CITY DEVELOPMENT. - BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION. 3. INCOME GENERATION PROGRAM - MICRO-PROJECT CREATION. - VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING. ​4. PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAM - INFECTIOUS DISEASES PREVENTION PROGRAM.  5. MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH PROMOTION - WOMEN'S HEALTH EMPOWERMENT. 6. ARTS AND MEDIA PROGRAM -  PROMOTING TALENTED YOUTH FOR DEVELOPMENT.


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