Turkana Community Foundation

Empowering marginalized youth and women to acquire Digital& hands on skills #We Are Because You Are!

Our Mission

The Organization was founded through the initiative of local young people in order to Nurture and economically empower and transform the marginalized young people and women to be self-reliant, and independent in their community.

Why support us

Donations are an incredibly important part of the work we do at the Turkana Community. Our programs require financial donations to assist young people and women in the community. Financial donations are used in the following ways. $10- Sanitary pads and mentorship can be provided for one girl for 12 months. $30- School supplies such as stationary, books, uniform and shoes can be provided for one child. $50- A micro-loan is provided to start a grocery business. $100- A micro-loan is provided to boost a tailoring shop. $50- Sponsoring a local, marginalized youth to be computer literate and acquired digital skills to become self-reliant adults, but also relief, determination, and hope. $200- Tailoring projects are provided with one sewing machine. In addition to financial donations, Turkana Community Foundation also accepts materials and school supplies to assist with our projects. Here is a wish list for material donations: 1. Pencils 2. Ball pens 3. Geometry sets 4. Coloured pencils 5. Books 6. Soccer balls 7. Soccer equipment 8. Laptops 9. Digital cameras


Nabulon Girls' Rd., WOH Hs. Lodwar



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