Humanity, Peace and Development

Our Mission

-To make the World a better place for all of Makind to live in a friendly, Peaceful and natural Environment. -Educate and train through sensitization dissertation (seminars, and workshop) of information on environmental issues (afforestation, deforestation, Land and degradation, biodiversity protection, and zone layer Protection, reduction of global Warming, water and air pollution). -Foster solidarity amongst all especially the youths as they participate in activities of political, social and economic development of their vicinity. -Promote Human right, gender equality, women empowerment, fight against HIV/AIDS, child labour, trafficking and exploitation -Promote Agriculture, Livestock, the consumption of natural and healthy food

Why support us

GREEN AND BETTER WORLD is an active organization aim at bettering the lives of individuals with work across all fields to ensure human satisfaction. We strive at reducing poverty and unemployment by empowering young people especially girls while making sure they are comfortable in the environment they live in. We wish to appeal for your assistance in foods and non foods items for the internally displaced people in the two Anglophones Regions in Cameroon especially whom are base in Limbe II Sub Divisions affected by the on going Anglophone crises that had been on going now for almost six years, this people are real suffering with little or no shelters, foods, medications, basics commodities, potable drinking water etc , we have done all the feasibility studies on the field to identify them and their needs , so we are pleading for your support and partnership to assist this people .


Cameroon, Limbe, Mokindi Village



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