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South African Men and Boys are dying too young!

Our Mission

Ranked with one of the lowest life expectancies for men globally, which includes a 7 year lower life expectancy due to avoidable incidents that are contributed to suicide/depression, prostate and testicular cancer, our mission is to increase the life expectancy of South African men by 20% by 2030.

Why support us

We apply global insights to a developing economy, by addressing the key health and social issues impacting on South African men within 2 core areas, including Health and Gender Based Violence. While there are continued efforts towards gender equality and undoing the wrongs of our unjust past, South African men are suffering as a result of Post Traumatic Stress, Fatherless households due to an enforced migrant work culture, coupled with the need for intervention from civil society to address the socio-economic challenges, including access to health for over 80% of our population who don't have access to private health care. Health Research funded by the Men's Foundation and conducted through our membership with the Cancer Alliance indicates that Prostate Cancer is set to increase by 147% in South Africa by 2030. Through advocating and programs, we're working to ensure that men will gain access to treatment within the public sector. With the second highest suicide rate in the World, with an average of 17 men taking their lives each day in South Africa, our funds are facilitating survivorship and awareness programs to overcome patriarchal mindsets and stigmas associated with depression. Gender Based Violence WHO research conducted affirms that Gender Equality remains one of the leading causes of Gender Based Violence. South Africa has one of the highest rates of GBV & Femicide in the World, and while there are extensive efforts to provide support for victims and families, we're addressing the root cause of male patriarchal mindsets and beliefs, providing gender equality education for boys in schools, while rehabilitating men to facilitate the safe return for families to avoid the repetitive cycle for future generations of men who don't have positive role models. Join us as we Making the future generation of South African men by addressing these fundamental issues that have a far reaching impact on our society.


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