Tikki Hywood Foundation

Pangolin rescue, rehabilitation and release.

Our Mission

Since 1994 we have successfully operated a rescue, rehabilitation, and release program of wildlife throughout Zimbabwe. We design and implement standards and protocols for the captive management, rehabilitation, and release of rescued animals back to the wild. These policies are adopted both nationally and internationally, to assist similar species around the world that are equally threatened. Our aim is to increase awareness of the conservation tool that is legislation and constantly seek ways of improving and upholding the laws that protect fauna and flora. We have an expansive view of conservation and preservation of all species and therefore ardently campaign the cause of animal rights and welfare worldwide.

Why support us

The pangolin has become the Foundation’s flagship species and has earned the unfortunate reputation of being the world’s most trafficked mammal. Yet unlike the rhino, tiger and elephant, the pangolin is an animal which most people have not seen or heard about, let alone know that it is on the verge of extinction. As a group of highly specialised mammals - Pangolins have been around in their current form for close to 56 million years, at least twice as long as a better known fellow mammal - the cat. Having no teeth, the longest tongue of all mammals in relation to body size, the Pangolin has become a highly specialised feeder, eating only ants and termites. There are only eight species of Pangolins found worldwide, four in Asia and four in Africa and all eight are under extreme threat. The war against illegal wildlife trade (IWT), particularly the pangolin, has become a global concern, one in which all countries we believe need to unite and join forces to fight. By supporting the Tikki Hywood Foundation you are supporting wildlife conservation of some of the world’s most endangered species.


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