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For Safe, inclusive, resilient and participatory communities

Our Mission

We are rooted in the transformative power of young people and women in creating lasting change for socioeconomic empowerment to reach their full potential in a healthy environment.

Why support us

Manica Youth Assembly (MAYA) has embarked on an afforestation and re-afforestation program to respond to the deforestation crisis around Mutare and especially areas surrounding Dangamvura. Indeed some reasons have resulted in the deforestation of Dangamvura Mountain, Murahwa, Sheni, Fern valley and even the game park at Christmas Pass Mountain has been plundered for firewood/energy purposes. This has resulted in environmental conflicts between human beings and animals. For instance, monkeys and baboons have roamed and stole from nearby homes in Dangamvura, Chikanga, Hobhouse, and other areas since humans have destroyed their habitats. Temperatures in and around the city have markedly increased due to this plunder thus exposing people to various health risks. Below are the activities that are currently  being implemented: • Tree planting • Environmental awareness campaigns  • Training of community monitoring change agent (CMCA) • Collective engagement with local leaders. Donations will support planting trees in Dangamvura mountain, youth meetings, tools for our environmental work (shovels, protective clothing, chemicals), and support advocacy work such as the production of EIC materials (education, information, and communication).


Holy Name Parish Box 30 Sakubva, Mutare



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