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Empower Communities to Discover Their Genius

Our Mission

To empower our communities, especially those with no Hope, to discover their individual genius and live their best lives . We transform lives so people from all backgrounds can fall in love with their purpose and exceed their potential . All through mentorship, entrepreneurship, love & kindness, & belief no matter what your start in life , you deserve to Shine …

Why support us

If you support us , you will enable us to transform lives of people who feel there is No hope, people who have lived in 28 foster homes, experienced abuse, trauma and horrific childhoods! With your support we can empower them to understand they are the creators of their own stories, they all have an individual genius and they all have a place in the world . We will ensure they live their best lives, they shine their light , they have a purpose and they also give back to their communities “Teach 2 Teach” .


4-8 Sawery street PL1 3LA



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