SBF Ghana

Sustainable Building Foundation Ghana. Sustainable Development in the Building Sector.

Our Mission

“We are working towards a world where socially and environmentally sustainable construction is the norm.”

Why support us

Sustainable Building Foundation Ghana is a Non-Profit-Organisation, which is committed to sustainable development in the construction sector in Ghana and develops solutions for it. In addition to the development and rediscovery of building materials and technologies adapted to a tropical climate, SBF Ghana focuses strongly on education with themes of ecology, sustainability and global learning. Our mission is to help communities in rural Ghana with infrastructure projects made from sustainable materials and technologies. Moreover, we arouse interest in sustainable construction in Ghana through our practice-oriented educational work and provide support to Ghanaians who want to start up their own business in the field of sustainable construction. Our projects range from educational programmes and consultancy services to the production of sustainable building materials, especially sustainable bricks made from local soils.





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