Community Farmers Cooperative Society

Helping local farmers adapt to modern agricultural practices

Our Mission

Community Farmers Cooperative Society is a non for profit organisation committed to helping farmers in Africa. Our Mission; We are helping local farmers adapt to modern agricultural practices such the use of quality inputs,planting on line.We train local farmers on crop cycle and the production cycle etc maize,cassava, vegetables,groundnuts and beans. So as to combat food insecurity and improve on food sustainability.

Why support us

In our data base we have 2000 farmers under going training,once they are done with training we intend to set them up as individuals farmers and ensure that they use the the practices to enable produce quality crops , this will increase their production there by improving their standard living. With ongoing crises in Cameroon coupled with the COVID19 pandemic most have been affected and lack the resources(inputs,Finances,motivation) to enable continue farming to support their families with your support we will be able to motivate reestablished them.


Debundscha South West Region



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