Economic Empowerment and Human Rights Sierra Leone (EEHR-SL)

Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Women and Adolescents Girls

Our Mission

We are dedicated to strengthening citizen’s action throughout Sierra Leone, by amplifying the voices of women, children, youths and marginalised groups and defend their rights to health, education and the opportunity to fulfil their potential with a human face.

Why support us

Our work focuses on the promotion and protection of Women and girls, youths and marginalised groups, advocates to ending violence against women and girls, inclusion of women and girls in all spheres of development; including sex workers, LGBT+ and improved working conditions of women and marginalised groups of women. We work towards increasing access to appropriate health information, knowledge, learning materials and facilities, to address the basic health needs of women and adolescents girls to reduce maternal mortality rate in Sierra Leone. EEHR-SL need support from charitable organisations, individuals, agencies and foundations to support us accomplished our mission


1 Watson Lane, Makeni, Freetown Sierra Leone



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