Rescue Wing International

We support women , Young Girls and Children

Our Mission

Walking shoulder by shoulder with women, Young Girls and children, protect their right and support them to reach their dreams through Education program, Livelihood program and Psycho-social support.

Why support us

The charity is not able to accomplish some projects due to inadequate finance support. We are working day and night as you can see in some of our IT and other programs pictures, but it is not easy to reach the daily target for those who are going through protection cases risks (domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, early pregnancy, force marriage, child labor…) due to inadequate resources. We are in process to introduce 30 weeks Boost camp program for coding and repair electronic device (computers, phones etc...) program to the girls but due to lack of finance, it becomes little tricky. We have postponed Girls education program and other women program for business skills due to inadequate resources.





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