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Our Mission

Mbiame New Vision Multipurpose Farming and Development Association a registered Youth-Led nonprofit in Cameroon created by determined and committed young men and women with enhanced vision on community development and humanitarian response, which gained it legal status in 2013 on intensification and optimization of organic production, environmental protection, and access to organic local, regional, and international markets in areas in Cameroon. Mbiame New Vision exists to champion and empower young people, women and adolescent girls through extending educational opportunities, encouraging civic engagement and nurturing youth and women participation. We believe unconditionally in the rights of young people, women and adolescent girls to self-expression, equal opportunities and, most importantly, access to education and job placement. Furthermore, we believe in the importance of education as a universal right not only to improve and protect the lives of women, but also to increase the global productive capacity. In doing this, we can achieve solutions to the poverty and hunger issues in these areas through capacity building and income generation. It will help to solve food insecurity and create food self-sufficiency through access to agricultural grants and funds allowing for land to be put back to use. It will encourage protecting the environment and natural resource conservation through sustainable organic farming.

Why support us

It is quite important to support Urban and rural agriculture especially at a time that many famers envisage a possible food shortage. The U.N. estimates that 70 percent of the world’s people will live in cities by 2050, putting stress on available food. Urban agriculture projects are helping to improve food security, raise incomes, empower women, and improve urban environments. Food supply from the rural sector is a boaster. It is important to have everyone on board, such that city farmers are taught to build food gardens, using old tires and other available material to create crop beds. (Mbiame New Vision) ensures follow up on our farmers who due to insufficient space for farm land, incorporates other crops in a bit to succeed with mixed farming and abundant yield.





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