Youth Coalition for Education in Liberia (YOCEL)

Child Sponsorship program, Community Livelihood program, and Entreprenurship Boot-Camp, etc...

Our Mission

We inspire and empower young Liberians and African Youth through accelerated and innovative learning using training, social dialogues, and collaborative partnerships that impact Education, Entrepreneurship, and Responsible leadership for complementary and enhanced job creation and economic growth for Liberians and African youth.

Why support us

With the below-listed information, we believed this can set as a good fit why you guys should support us: As an organization, our overall goal for the next five (5) years as captured in our strategic plan (2021 – 2026) is to provide Economic Security for Women and Youth to combat extreme poverty, gender inequalities, and violence across Liberia. However, to achieve this we have set objectives thus: A. Empower women and youth small and medium-scale enterprises through business incubation: Our goal is to nurture twenty-one (21) women and youth businesses each year through our Business Accelerator program. B. Providing start-up loans for indigenous women and youth SMEs: Through our Wologizi Fund, we set out to provide funds for innovative and high-impact SMEs to expand their scale and employ other women and youths. C. Increase the financial inclusion of women in rural communities: We are currently working with women in remote rural communities. Our goal is to establish a garri production plant in the Sappimah community, Gbarpolu County, Liberia. D. Increase access to quality education for children, especially girls: We are currently running a sponsorship program for fifty (50) children in the Sappimah community. Our goal is to ensure the well-being and proper educational development of these children within the next five years. E. Advocating for the implementation of the Small Business Empowerment (SBE) Act 2014: We will advocate for the provision of the SBE Act 2014 which supports access of women SMEs to government contracts and procurement opportunities. Our goal is to have 5% of government procurement contracts set aside for Liberian women-owned businesses to be executed. This five-year strategy represents YOCEL's intermediate and long-term commitment to addressing gaps in education, unemployment, and youth development. It represents our intentions and commitment to work with the government of Liberia and other civil society actors in addressing one of the root causes and manifestations of poverty and inequality.


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